Wearing Lingerie Can Boost Foreplay

Woman Wearing Red Lingerie and Black Mask

Foreplay has the ability to turn good sex into great sex. It not only increases sexual excitement to get your body ready for penetration but also enables many women to reach orgasm during intercourse. Jack and Jill Adult offers alluring ideas below about how wearing lingerie can boost foreplay.

1. Performing a slow and sensual striptease works wonders for the libido. When your lover watches you peel your outer clothing off in a provocative manner and gets a peek at sexy lingerie underneath, the turn-on level will be mind-blowing. 

2. Pearl panties are definitely a hot commodity. A string of smooth pearls gliding along your clitoris will take your sexual pleasure to the extreme. The pearls will caress your erogenous zones with your every move and get you highly aroused prior to your rendezvous. 

3. Dressing up in costumes is the perfect way to act out your role play fantasies. You and your playmate will enter into a new and exciting reality where imagination takes complete control.

4. Making the first move to initiate a sexual liaison with your partner can feel intimidating due to the possible risk of rejection. If you welcome your companion while sporting gorgeous lingerie, you won’t have to say a single word to make your message understood. 

5. Since sexual desire starts in the mind, give your companion something tasty to think about. Why not place a pair of your undergarments into his or her coat pocket. Get your own engine running by imagining the moment they are pulled out unknowingly…or, knowingly, if you give your significant other a little clue…and the naughty thoughts your lover will automatically ponder. 

6. A seductive photoshoot is another fabulous idea that can pump up foreplay. Not only will your playmate become totally aroused by looking at tantalizing photos of you, but viewing sexy photos of yourself will undoubtedly get you going, too! 

Jack and Jill Adult carries an impressive selection of very sexy lingerie that can boost your sexual foreplay. We offer a gigantic variety of other products as well that are able to heighten your sexual experiences and satisfaction. Jack and Jill Adult has several stores located in Florida or you may order merchandise discreetly through our website. 

How to Get Kinky with Your Partner for the First Time

Red Thong and Cuffs in a white background

You’ve confessed your kinks, talked about your secret BDSM fantasies, and even shopped for fetish gear together. Talking and thinking about your kinks isn’t the same as acting on them, though.

When you’re ready to finally have your first kinky scene with your partner, here’s what you need to know.

Get Specific

It’s not enough to say, “I want to be spanked.” That’s a good start, but now is the time to get very specific with what you mean. Do you want your partner to put you over their knee? Does a paddle or belt turn you on? Is there a specific roleplay fantasy you want to try?

Discuss the details of exactly what you want. You’re not ruining the mood or taking away from the fantasy of the moment. While you can and should talk about these things at any time, the first conversation should happen well before you get naked with each other.

Learn and Practice

Part of the conversation on specifics is about the intensity of the sensation you want to feel. Not all kinks are about pain, but they are, in different ways, about sensation. You’re going to have to learn how to do the kinky thing you want to try and then try it out before you actually get naked and kinky. Practice outside of a sexual moment so you both have an idea what you’re asking for or providing.

  • Use a paddle on your own thigh or arm before taking a “practice” smack on your partner. This is outside sexy, naked time you’re about to have.
  • Practice using the bondage tape or rope in a calm setting. Ask how it feels and adjust what you’re doing until it’s comfortable for your partner.
  • Talk about what you want to happen and what you don’t want to happen.

If there’s something you don’t know, go research it. A lot of kinksters share their tips, tricks, and experiences online. Don’t rely on porn for your education, though. Porn is fantasy, and you need real life information.

Discuss Your Limits

Everyone has limits and personal boundaries. There are things that you can’t stand the idea of or that make your skin crawl. Sometimes a limit is less subtle. It simply doesn’t feel right to you or fills you with dread. Before you get kinky, you need to talk about these things.

If you’re not comfortable telling your partner that you don’t like something, it’s not the right time to get your kink on. This is a time to be brutally honest about what’s okay and what isn’t. This is also the time to discuss how to let each other know if something is wrong in the middle of the moment. Safewords are one way, but they’re not perfect. Checking in with each other during the moment by saying, “Is this okay?” or “Should I keep going?” is a necessary part of kink, too.

Get Your Kinky Gear

Not every kinky scene needs special adult toys or gear. Some things can be found around your home, like a belt. But some kinks depend on having the right stuff. If you’re interested in being flogged, you need floggers. When you want bondage but don’t have the rope-skills (yet), bondage tape is a good purchase. And if you’re going for a full roleplay scene with characters and dialogue, you might want a costume or special outfit.

Shop together for your kinky gear. Go into an adult store or browse online together. This will be another good time to talk about what you want and don’t want.

Start Your Scene

You’ve gotten specific about the details, practiced, talked limits, and gathered all your kinky sex toys. Now what? Now, it’s time to start your kinky scene and have fun.

  • Find a time when you’re both ready and (mostly) relaxed.
  • Start slowly and get comfortable with what you’re doing. In spankings, this often begins with light taps on the body. In roleplay, begin with a conversation.
  • Check in with each other. “Do you like that?” and “Is this good?” are great options.
  • Speak up when something doesn’t feel right. If your hands tingle while being tied up, say something. If you’re scared or not feeling good, say something.
  • Don’t worry about perfection. You can always stop what you’re doing and try something else.
  • Keep your mutual pleasure in mind at all times. Both of you need to enjoy the moment, not just one of you.


Fantasizing about that kinky thing you want to do (or want done to you) is fun. You can spend a lot of time focusing on just the sexual fantasy. But when you’re ready to finally get kinky, it’s normal to be a little nervous. Take your time, communicate often and openly with your partner, and start slow. Getting kinky isn’t something to rush into, but it’s also not something you should be afraid of. As long as you check in with each other and stay open and honest, you can enjoy your kinky fun in anyway that works for both of you.

Have you ever gotten kinky with your partner? What tips do you think people need to know! Share in the comments below!

You Don’t Need Whips and Chains to Get Kinky

happy couple smiling at camera

Read a few books, watch a movie or two (you know the ones), and you might think that kinky sex involves lots of leather, plenty of whips, and a few scary contraptions out of the medieval world. Those things exist, and some people really enjoy them. But there’s much more to the world of kink than the dark stuff.

Like so much of sexuality, kink and BDSM exist on a spectrum from silk scarves and feathers all the way to the whips and chains in red rooms. With a little experimentation and a bit of playful fun, you can find what turns you and your partner on the most.

Talk to Your Partner First

communicate and then get kinky

It’s easy to get excited and buy a lot of kinky sex toys to try. You’ll have a lot of fun searching through all your options and picking out the items that excite you the most. You want to know what isn’t fun? A partner who recoils at the idea of being tied up or spanked.

Before you go on a shopping spree, sit down with your partner and talk about your fantasies. This can be a fun exercise, especially if you’re already naked and horizontal at the time. Whisper your dirtiest secrets in their ear. Confess your deepest desires. Or while basking in the afterglow, shop for kinky toys together.

Bottomline: Don’t spring your desire to try kink on an unsuspecting partner. With their help, you may find even better or more interesting fetish gear to try.

Start Slow When Exploring Kink

You’re dreaming of tying your partner to the bed and making them crazy. Maybe you’re hoping to be the one tied up, blindfolded, and helpless while waves of pleasure wash over you. Remember, that’s the end goal, but everyone starts somewhere in the world of kinky sex.

You’ve talked to your partner, and they’ve consented to trying out this kink thing with you. Good! Now, it’s time to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. Here are a few ideas:

  • Buy light paddles, beginner floggers, or small crops for beginner impact play.
  • Use silk scarves or ties before buying rope. Try under-the-bed restraints to make bondage in bed even easier.
  • Try feathers for sensation play before getting a Wartenberg wheel.
  • Dress up in stockings and corsets or a little bit of leather before getting head-to-toe latex.

You might not like something when you first try it. That’s okay, too. Try a different technique, pace, or level of impact. Remember, you don’t have to do anything you don’t enjoy and neither does your partner.

Keep Experimenting with Kinky Fun

find kinky toys to try

The more you play around with kink, whether it’s sexual roleplay or spankings in bed, the easier it is to find what you enjoy the most. When it comes to BDSM and kink, you can do anything that tickles your fancy as long as it’s safe and consensual.


Take your spankings to new levels with the addition of new toys. Floggers, riding crops, whips, and paddles are just a few options. Play with the force used with each toy. You may find you love deep thudding hits or the stinging burn of other impact.


Tying your partner with rope takes practice and skill. If you’re not ready yet, try handcuffs or restraint systems. Change the positions of their legs. Maybe you want them spread apart so you can tease and torture them in the most pleasurable way. Maybe you both get off on some discomfort. Have fun with it and find what works for both of you.


In kinky sex, control plays a big role. Ball gags, blindfolds, and collars are just the beginning. Start with smaller gags until you or your partner are comfortable. Try different types of blindfolds to find what works. Collars and cuffs aren’t for everyone, but if they turn you on, go for it. Make sure they fit well so nothing distracts you from your kinky sex.


The erotica is fun to read and kinky movies are great for fantasy. Black leather, whips, and chains are fun for some people. If that’s not your thing, though, there are plenty of ways to have kinky sex with your partner. Start slow, try different things, and remember to talk to your partner to find out what you both enjoy. With so many kinky sex toys to help you make your fantasies come true, you’ll find what gets you both off in no time.

Interested in kink? Want to try it with your partner? Share this infographic with them!

Infographic for You Don’t Need Whips and Chains to Get Kinky

BDSM Aftercare: Giving Your Sub What They Deserve

Black ball gag system

There’s a lot more to BDSM than restraints and commands. Did you know intense scenes should be followed by aftercare? While we at Jack and Jill have toys for the dominant and submissive alike, we also want to ensure you have everything you need to meet your partner’s emotional needs.

What is BDSM Aftercare?

Aftercare refers to the “come down” after a BDSM session wherein a couple’s emotional and physical needs are met. While some couples prefer to live a dominant/submissive lifestyle 24/7, others limit play strictly to the bedroom and require attention before returning to the “real world.” The more intense the scene, the more important aftercare becomes.

Aftercare could mean cuddling, kissing or talking about what happened for a sort of “mental recalibration.” It also could mean snacking, hydrating or stretching for physical recuperation. Only you know what you need as a submissive or dominant (yes, the latter needs love, too), so it’s important to communicate.

Practicing Aftercare

BDSM sex toys are a wonderful introduction to play time and their use often will determine what kind of care to ask for/provide. Consider the following scenarios as inspiration for aftercare.

1. Tie up your submissive with Jack and Jill’s Under the Bed Restraint System. After teasing and tormenting them with your hands, mouth and other body parts, gently release your partner and follow up with gentle kisses and spooning. Although the nylon and Velcro straps are soft enough to prevent injury, you might try massaging legs and ankles, arms and wrists for attentive aftercare.

2. Using a Ball Gag Training System is a safe, gentle way to ease into more intense scenes of power play. Whether you silence your good boy or girl with the smallest or largest ball, aftercare should include a discussion about how it felt before, during and after the scene. Don’t forget to determine a safe gesture to take the place of a safe word such as three taps to mean “stop.”

3. Electro play can seem intimidating at first, but the Zeus Arcana Electro Vibe Wand ensures your BDSM session is safe and sexy. Decompress from the shocks and pulses of this powerful toy with a gentle massage. Add sensual massage oils to provide a nice contrast between sharp stimulation and soothing touch. Be mindful that electro play can result in “sub drop”—the onset of depression after a sudden flood of endorphins from an intense scene.

Jack and Jill

Don’t forget to have basic first-aid items on hand for the submissive and plenty of emotional support from the dom. For more ideas for play, browse Jack and Jill’s collection of bondage toys. Safety, communication, consent and loads of TLC make for a successful BDSM partnership.

From the Dungeon: A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM Safety

From the now-ubiquitous Fifty Shades of Grey movie to the widespread popularity of fetishwear, it’s no wonder kink has made its way into the mainstream.

If you’re ready to try your hand at Bondage and Discipline, Dominance or Submission (BDSM), understand that safety comes before you do.

When practiced incorrectly, it can turn you off to the joys of bondage entirely. At worst, it can leave lasting emotional and physical scars.

Heed the following safety tips to ensure the best experience for all kinky players.

Set boundaries

Before either of you even think about rough sex, you need to have a conversation. Mojo Upgrade is a great way for couples to discuss fantasies without embarrassment.

Once both partners take the survey, only the sex acts in which you both showed interest are revealed. All conversations should also include hard and soft limits—things you will absolutely not do and things you may be interested in but are unsure of, respectively.

You might find that, in the moment, you’re suddenly uncomfortable with a scene you thought you’d love. That’s okay. Consent is the foundation of BDSM, which leads us to our next topic.

Safe words

To establish clear indicators of discomfort—whether physical or emotional—both partners should choose a safe word and gesture.

The dominant partner should check in with his or her submissive regularly and both should understand that anyone can pump the brakes at any time.

Your “stop” word can be anything you want. You can pick something silly like “coconut” or stick to traditional traffic signals where green means “This is great,” yellow means “Ease up a bit,” and red says, “I want to stop now.” If you’ve set a scene in which it will be difficult to speak, establish gestures such as three shakes of the head to mean stop.

Other safety tips

  • Never leave a bound or gagged person alone.
  • Learn CPR and keep a first aid kit handy.
  • Ease into bondage with extreme restraints rather than highly technical Shibari play.
  • When you’re ready to try extreme bondage fantasies, opt for sex toys and accessories that are made for BDSM play. Do not use household items.
  • Practice after-care to decompress emotionally and physically after sex. BDSM can be overwhelming especially to a novice. Kiss, cuddle, talk, massage, eat, replenish electrolytes—it’s essential.

Jack and Jill

From curious submissives to domination experts, Jack and Jill proudly carries the attire and toys you need to get into the BDSM scene.

Live out your wildest fantasies with the comfort of knowing that our shipping is always discreet and that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Leather & Fetish Clothing Tips

Diving into Leather & Fetish Clothing

  1. Fetish wear is an investment. Quality leather and latex clothing, if properly cared for, can last for years. Leather and latex are natural materials, and like your own skin, you need to clean and nourish your fetish wear to help retain its durability and texture.
  2. When selecting your outfit, make sure your clothing fits properly, especially at the joints.  Areas that feel tight will stretch out, but not in the most flattering ways.
  3. Cleansing wipes work wonders on your fetish wear, just be sure that the wipes are compatible with leather or latex.  Avoid abrasive cleaners for leather and oils for latex. 
  4. Prolonged sunlight will damage both leather and latex, so try to keep your fetish wear out of the sun for long periods of time.  Don’t leave them in your car, or let them hang outside to dry.
  5. Leather doesn’t fray like other materials, so you are able to cut your leather to fit without having to worry about hemming.  While leather is versatile in this way, latex should not be cut without a specialty latex cutting tool.
  6. For latex, there is no such thing as too much lube.  Lube your body with an unscented, unflavored lubricant prior to wearing your latex, to allow the material to slide on your body.  During the evening, make sure to reapply lube directly on to the latex to keep the material cool and flexible.
  7. New leather can be broken in with leather conditioner.  Simply apply the conditioner with your hands, work it in, and let it dry.  For new latex, use lube.  
  8. Perfume, cologne, hair spray, scented oil, nicotine and smoke is bad for your fetish wear.  These chemicals and oils quickly wear down latex and dry out leather, which leads to breakage and tearing.  
  9. Wearing fetish wear is an exercise in endurance.  Sometimes, you can’t cut it and other times, the clothes just can’t hold it together any longer.  Make sure that you bring a backup outfit to save yourself some embarrassment.
  10. After wearing latex, rinse out your outfit with warm water and a mild soap.  Once dry, sprinkle cornstarch liberally on both the inside and outside of the material to completely dry it out before storing.  For leather, use a leather conditioner to clean and keep your wear moisturized. 

What’s Your Fetishwear style?

Woman in sexy lingerie with sex toys

If Fifty Shades of Grey can drag curious housewives out of an otherwise vanilla lifestyle into the open with their kinks, perhaps seasoned fetishists can now feel comfortable about the kinks they’ve long enjoyed behind closed doors. Regardless of your opinion on mainstream kink (more specifically, the horror of hearing your own mother reference Christian Grey’s antics over brunch), BDSM is here to stay. Regardless of your position on the kink spectrum, there is a wide range of fetishwear products to fit your every need and we’ve got you covered at Jack and Jill.

The apprehensive newbie

Let’s not terrify you with a ten inch strap-on just yet. Try dressing up to “get into character” or testing the submissive waters with a beginner’s bondage kit. There are dozens of restraint options for the kinky rookie ranging from gentle silk ties to padded handcuffs. Find what makes you comfortable.

We suggest: Black Lace Satin Corset ($59.90) and Sex & Mischief Beginner’s Handcuffs ($13)

For Sir or Mistress

Once you’ve established roles and know what you like, upgrade your toy collection with a new flogger or paddle. Try surprising your dom/domme with a butt plug and full permission to surprise you with it while blindfolded one night (not that you’re in any position to be giving orders!).

We suggest: Faux Leather Flogger ($11) and Mood Naughty Butt Plug ($22.20)

Submissives and slaves

Every obedient sub deserves a proper collar. Dress up your partner or yourself in a decorative leather choker or stick with a simple stainless steel piece for a fetishwear marriage of function and elegance.

We suggest: Rapture Round Stainless Steel Collar ($80) or Fetish Fantasy Gold Collar & Leash ($30)

The indecisive switch

For the ultimate in indoor fetishwear, check out switch-friendly products like harnesses and strap-ons. Depending on the scene, you can simply lay back and enjoy or take the lead with an adjustable harness that provides dual pleasure as you dominate that good little sub of yours.

We suggest: Dual Harness with removable vibrating dong and plug ($73.20) or 10-Function Silicone Love Rider Rippler ($65.90)

At the core of fetishism lies freedom of expression and the complete release of inhibitions, so don’t be afraid to talk to your partner about your desires and listen to theirs. Peruse a sex toy collection and create a product wish list together. The important thing is that it ends in good, clean, consensual fun. Or dirty fun. That’s okay, too!

At Jack and Jill, we’re committed to helping our customers get maximum satisfaction from their love lives. Please visit our website to see these recommended products, and others.

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