Rabbit Vibrator Fun

Rabbit vibrator displayed in a graphic

If I am going out to buy a sex toy for myself, as a female, hands down, just about every time, I will get a rabbit vibrator. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the fact that I need to stimulate multiple areas, but I know I am not alone. If you are a female trying to figure out what sex toy to buy yourself or a male wanting to find something to buy your female partner, then a rabbit vibrator is the best suggested go-to I can think of, as it’s my favorite go-to item.

What’s a Rabbit?

A rabbit vibrator, as far as I know, got its name from the early models, which primarily used bunny rabbits to appeal to female shoppers. Not only is it a cute, innocent animal known to be soft, but it’s also famous for long, floppy ears. When a rabbit vibrator is inserted, with the main shaft into the vagina, a bullet shaped rabbit ears perfectly stimulates the clit, with the ears of the bunny cozied up on either side of the clitoris, vibrating it so good.

The Double Whammy

That means that this is not just vaginal stimulation, and it’s not just vibrating the clit. The g-spot up inside the vaginal opening is getting tantalized, while the clitoral stimulation does you into orgasm. It’s that two-for-one special that can’t be beaten, even by the real thing at times.

A Better Orgasm

Since there’s vaginal and clitoral stimulation, the double whammy intensifies orgasms. When I say that, it’s even better than the real thing at times; I mean it, as there’s unfortunately been more than a few times when my partner got off before me, so I grabbed my rabbit to finish. It’s not like I want to be left out in the snow when it comes to getting off, so I get mine, too.

For DP Play

My last partner wanted to try anal for the first time, as he had never tried it before. Being an old pro, knowing exactly what it entails and how sizable he was, I told him there was no way without clitoral stimulation. I had to get the vibration going on my clit, before he could even start to stick it in, but as he started going, the rabbit went in for double penetration play.

The Ideal Toy

Rabbit vibrators are not all shaped like rabbits now. They come in several shapes and sizes, with all sorts of cute little critters that will bury themselves into the flaps of the labia and offer a face-full of vibration patterns and g-spot stimulation with the clitoral vibrator. Fun Factory has many good ones; if you’re looking for decent internal stimulation with a classic rabbit vibe strong enough to give great external clitoral stimulation, then Fun Factory Toys or Evolved are a couple of my go-to brands that have yet to let me down ever.

Best Rabbit Vibrators

The best rabbit vibrators will offer strong vibration patterns. You want to find one with good g-spot stimulation, which can be personalized for adjustments, but I find that one with a slight curve in the shaft to go up into it is the one that I like best. Check out the rabbit ears or whatever is going to be vibrating the clit, as not all bunny ears are created equal when it comes to having a strong orgasm, as rabbit vibes can vary, as all sex toys can vary.

Some Upgrade Options

You want to have one that offers intense vibrations inside the vaginal canal, with some offering upgrades like rotating beads in the shaft or materials like high-quality silicone. Sometimes, the shaft portion and the clitoral vibrator is controlled separately, with both battery kinds as well as USB rechargeable ones being offered on the market now, with some battery life lasting longer than others and some quieter than others if noise is an issue. Other upgrades include Bluetooth connectivity or e-mail submission info online for virtual meetups.

Pump It Up

There are even new options that have an inflatable tip. When you’re not relaxed enough, you can insert a smaller tip, then inflate to get to a bigger size once it’s inside of you. Combine that with the clitoral vibrator, and you’re on your way to yet another intense ejaculation.

All Not Equal

You have a right to be skeptical, as not all rabbit vibrators that get you off are the same. Be sure to check the shaft length before the rabbit portion to see exactly how far it will reach inside you, as I had the experience of ordering a product thinking it would be 8 inches. Still, once it considered the rabbit’s stopping point, it was like 4 inches. When you’re looking for that blended orgasm, you want to be sure to get a product that can provide internal and external stimulation, not just a clitoral arm vibration.

The Triple Pleaser

For even more fun, the happy rabbit triple curve steps up from most rabbit vibrators, offering a blended orgasm with not only the clit and vaginal g-spot but it offers anal stimulation as well. Other rabbit vibrators might only offer two for that dual stimulation of the g-spot and clit stimulation, but when you add in the anal vibration modes, it’s even more fun. That’s the best way to get intense stimulation, with clitoral contact combined with the g-spot inside the vaginal wall, as well as the powerful vibrations of soft silicone inside the anus.

Add Some Suction

To kick up the vibration combinations, some rabbit vibrator designs use dual motors to offer a curved tip to hit the g-spot and suction toys. If you thought a regular g-spot rabbit vibrator was good, making it feel like someone is sucking on your clit is even better. That’s one of the newer waves of the sex toy industry that has taken many a sex toy reviewer by surprise, a happy rabbit combined with suction for the perfect satisfyer magic bunny.

Imitating Oral Action

Simulating oral sex, along with the suction, they also offer tongue-like toys to feel as if someone is going down on you. It’s a spin on the traditional external arm that was traditionally only bunny ears. This medical-grade silicone hits the g-spot through penetrative sex while offering vibration settings and an external arm that is more like a tongue than ears.

Hands Free Fun

When you have issues like carpal tunnel that makes it hard to hold onto vibrating objects for too long, the sex toy industry has solutions for that as well. Now, there are thrusting rabbits that combine that clitoral vibrator with the thrusting action you would normally get from a partner. This means that you can stick it in and wiggle away no hands necessary to hold it.

Which to Choose

When you’re out there looking for a new toy, pondering which are the best vibrators, there are fifty shades of sex toys to choose from, but a rabbit vibrator is always a great choice. Doesn’t matter if you get a curved or tapered tip, so long as it has the dual motors for that womanizer duo of stimulations that leads to the most intense orgasms. Get yourself off quickly and easily with a rabbit, as once you feel the ultra-soft silicone giving clit stimulation while feeling that second vibrator go into your vaginal opening, you’ll know why these are designed for a quick orgasm on the go that is much more efficient than most partners, enough to give up looking for strangers at bars to hook up with for one-night stands, as the rabbit will get you off better.

Jill’s LanditRabbit by Jack and Jill Adult

landitrabbit rabbit vibrator by jack and Jill adult

If you haven’t experienced a “blended orgasm” yet, you will very soon, with the help of Jill’s LanditRabbit by Jack and Jill Adult. This rabbit-style vibrator is a pleasurable, multitasking toy that can take your sexcapades to new heights. 

For those unfamiliar, rabbit vibrators are a love-child of a clitoral vibrator and a dildo. It is designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the vagina. Notably, a sweet spot inside the vagina called the G-spot.  

Jill’s LanditRabbit is a classic-yet-modern rabbit-style vibrator. Read on to discover why this sex toy can help you “land it” every time! 

Jack and Jill Adult: Why We Chose Rabbit Vibrators

We’ve decided to include rabbit vibrators in our line of Jack and Jill Adult sex toys for one crucial reason — us ladies need to stick together. One research found that only 18.4% of women can orgasm from intercourse alone. That means that the rest need additional stimulation to get off. 

So, it stands to reason that we created a toy that can do just that! Thanks to this silicone bunny, you’ll soon be seeing stars every time you decide to play solo or with a partner.

Genital Touching Sexual Pleasure And Orgasm [Infographic]

Infographic on Women Experience With Genital Touching Sexual Pleasure And Orgasm

What Makes Jill’s LanditRabbit So Amazing

1. The Famous Rabbit Ears

Jill’s LanditRabbit by Jack and Jill Adult features the famous rabbit-ear-inspired clitoral stimulator. That means you get to feel like a true Charlotte from the one Sex and the City episode we remember all too well (“The Turtle and the Hare“) each time you use it. 

The rabbit ears earned their popularity for a reason. Aside from looking cute, the shape fits perfectly over your clit. So, you can feel the vibrations and a fluttering motion at the center of your clitoris and the sides.

Flexible Ears

The clitoral stimulator is flexible, meaning you can maneuver and hold it in places that feel good to you each time. The flexibility is important because different people have different clitoris-to-vulva distances. So, it is hard to find the perfect position stimulating both the clit and the G-spot with nubs sitting in one place.  

Powerful Motor

The stimulator also has its own motor with seven powerful speeds and patterns to choose from. Thanks to this system, you can set the vibe for your external hot spot independently from the shaft. 

Close-up of LanditRabbit’s Ears

2. The Shaft

Not many think about the length when buying their first rabbit-style toy, but this is a mistake. Ideally, the shaft should be just long enough to stimulate your G-spot. But if you buy a non-flexible toy that goes too deep or not deep enough, you will miss out on a big part of the whole experience.

The Perfect Length

Jack and Jill Adult rabbit vibrators sport 8.2″ height, 1.3″ width, and 1.5″ depth. The shaft is also gently arched with a unique blunt tip. This particular design perfectly syncs with the vulva, ensuring you hit the right spot every time. In addition, the vibrator tip is slightly broader, providing the ultimate pleasure to your G-spot. 

Flexible Shaft

Since the shaft is flexible, you can adjust it to create the perfect angle. Like the clitoral stimulator, the shaft has its own motor with seven mighty speeds and vibrating styles. That way, you can set different stimulation speeds for your internal and external areas.

3. The Material

We usually put toys on or inside the most sensitive parts of our bodies. Although they bring us hours of fun, not all of them are safe enough to be in contact with the skin and soft tissue inside the genitals. Some of the common adult toys have been linked to various side effects ranging from irritation to cancer.

Why Is the Right Material So Important?

The problem is that the vagina rapidly absorbs chemicals without metabolizing them. That is how the harmful substances from toys can enter your bloodstream without being broken down first. For this reason, you should pay special attention to what kind of material your toy consists of. 

Our Rabbit Vibrators Are Safe

At Jack and Jill Adult toy store, we closely inspect the materials we use for our adult toys. Jill’s LanditRabbit is made of luxurious, soft silicone, with the handle consisting of durable ABS plastic. The latex is body-safe and phthalate-free, so you can use our rabbit vibrator for prolonged periods without worrying about harming your health.

4. Waterproof

Another great thing about Jack and Jill’s rabbit vibrators is that they are fully waterproof toys. Hence, you can freely take them to the bath or a shower.

5. Rechargeable

Rechargeable sex toys are good for the environment and great for your pocket! Jill’s LanditRabbit comes with a charging cable included in the price. 

How to Care for Jill’s LanditRabbit Vibrator: Tips from Jack and Jill Adult

Keep It Clean

One of the most essential tips for the safe use of any sex toy is to keep it clean. Washing the toy before and after each use is a must if you want to avoid bacteria build-up and risks of infection. The best way to clean the Jill’s LanditRabbit is with the Jack and Jill Toy Cleaner

But if you ever run out of toy cleaner, you can use warm water and soap instead. Since this rabbit vibrator is a waterproof toy, washing it in a shower or bath after you finish it won’t cause any damage. 

Use Lube

The second rule for safely playing with sex toys is using plenty of lube. Lube helps you maintain enough moisture for a smooth glide. This will prevent irritation and tearing of the vaginal tissue. 

As previously mentioned, vibrating rabbits usually consist of silicone. However, you can’t use just any lube with silicone toys. For instance, silicone-based lubes can damage the material shortening your toy’s lifespan. 

Water-based lubes are a good choice, although you usually have to reapply them more often. For instance, Jack and Jill water-based lubricant is less likely to irritate. In addition, it mixes well with just about any material.

Jack and Jill Adult Superstore: Final Thoughts on Vibrating Rabbits

If you own one and enjoy our LanditRabbit, we would love your feedback! Feel free to explore our website and find more products that we offer. 

Are you searching for other rabbit-style vibrators? There are four in our line:  Jill’s Rolling RabbitJill’s Handy RabbitJill’s Wonder Rabbit, and Jill’s Flash Rabbit

Want an intense experience that goes a little easier on your wallet? In that case, we recommend trying the Rolling Rabbit, which lets you change rotation direction. Jack and Jill Adult ensure the stock is always full, so take your pick!

Why You Need A Rabbit Vibrator

Although it’s been a few decades since rabbit vibrators became overnight sensations, their popularity is still relatively high. Everyone knows about the mighty rabbit ears and just how beneficial they can be for a woman’s sex life. However, a rabbit vibrator can do much more than offer intense clitoral stimulation (although it does that superbly). 

Generally speaking, rabbit vibrators are the most popular sex toys for more than a few good reasons. A good rabbit vibe, like Jill’s Flash Rabbit that rotates or Fun Factory’s Bi Stronic Fusion rabbit-style vibrator, which not only vibrates but also thrusts, flutters, and pulsates, can transform the way you masturbate. 

They make even the toughest vaginas quiver with pleasure. But the best rabbit vibrators can also give you the opportunity to experience some different types of enjoyment (maybe even for the first time in your life). So yes, those classic bunny ears offer some pretty exceptional benefits. 

As Samantha from Sex and the City put it, they can change your life. So let’s unpack them together, shall we?

The Ergonomic Design

The rabbit vibrator is of peculiar design, which makes it easily recognizable. You can’t mistake it for anything else. Ever since the original rabbit vibrator hit the market back in the 80s and found its space under the Hollywood sun in the late 90s (thanks to that famous Sex and the City episode), it had the typical (or better said, atypical) design. 

The shaft of the toy usually has a slightly curved tip, allowing for excellent G-spot stimulation. The toy also has a recognizable clitoral arm in the shape of bunny ears. These two features launched the rabbit into stardom in the first place. They are also what makes this sex toy one of the most popular ones. 

In theory, the rabbit vibrator will fit anybody and satisfy it. In fact, it was designed with orgasms in mind. Of course, there are different types of rabbit vibrators on the market. Still, their one common trait is that their ergonomic design will fit everyone.

The G-Spot-Clit Combo

The rabbit vibrator is so popular (and one of the reasons you definitely need it in your nightstand) that it offers multiple points of stimulation. Plenty of sex toys on the market have numerous features, but the rabbit vibrator is the most efficient one. The curvature of the shaft and the external arm offer the best G-spot-clit stimulation combo. 

But why is this important? Well, it’s estimated that only around 18% of women climax while they have penetrative sex. Comparatively, 36.6% of women absolutely needed external clitoral stimulation during sex in order to reach orgasm. So internal stimulation just isn’t enough for many women. Instead, clitoral contact (or better said constant contact) is of the utmost importance for many women.

This study (done by the Canadian Department of Sexology) shows us just how vital the clitoris is when it comes to climaxing. 

Genital Touching, Sexual Pleasure, and Orgasm Study [Infographic]

The Importance of the G-Spot

The G-spot, an elusive, almost mythical spot deep in the women’s vaginas that many a man tried (and failed) to find for decades, is actually the inner part of the clitoris. Naturally, therefore, multiple points of stimulation of the clitoris will increase the chances of an orgasm. 

That makes the rabbit vibrator, so fun and pleasurable to play with. G-spot stimulation paired with external stimulation of the clit gives amazing results.

Quick and Easy Orgasms

One of the results this combo provides is easier and quicker orgasms. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy. Therefore, it’s logical that it plays a massive role in achieving orgasms. It also makes perfect sense that sex toys made specifically for clitoral stimulation will get us to orgasm quicker. 

A study on this topic found that women can reach orgasms 17% quicker with a rabbit vibrator toy than without it. This is because the dual stimulation gets the job done. The toy is so effective that women worldwide are praising it for making even the most stubborn of vaginas climax. 

Of course, nothing in life comes with a guarantee. However, owning a rabbit vibrator will probably greatly increase your chances of reaching an orgasm quicker. 

And Even Blended Orgasms

If you thought we were done with the topic of orgasms, we aren’t. Another reason you need a rabbit vibrator is the possibility of blended orgasms. 

Not all orgasms are the same. You’re probably aware that not every roll in the sheets (whether alone or with a partner) ends with an equally strong or good bang. Orgasms can vary in length, intensity, and quality. 

What Is a Blended Orgasm?

The orgasm’s potency depends on your overall mood and level of comfort, how turned on you are, and points and quality of stimulation. Some women orgasm only when their clitorises are stimulated. That’s why a clitoral vibrator is the best type of toy those women can have. 

Others orgasm when the inner walls of their vagina (or their G-spot) are stimulated. Since we know that the G-spot is in the legs of the clitoral body that are hugging the vaginal canal, we also know those latter women orgasm from clitoral stimulation as well. 

Simultaneous internal and external stimulation of the entire clitoris can lead to a blended orgasm. A blended orgasm is a combination of a clitoral and vaginal orgasm. You feel both the tingling on the surface of your body as well as deep contractions of the vagina. A blended orgasm can also lead to female ejaculation. It’s the most potent of all types of orgasms, and if you experience it, you’ll feel it with your entire body. 

Sounds fun, right? But how can you reach a blended orgasm? 

Rabbit Vibrators Are Versatile Toys

With a rabbit vibe, you’re one step closer to having that experience under your belt. Luckily, one of the enormous benefits of rabbit vibes is that they offer various options for you to choose from and play with. 

Of course, not every vibe will offer every feature. But, in general, a rabbit vibe is a versatile toy. Other vibrators don’t provide the same benefit. 

You’re very likely to find a rabbit vibrator or two that will fit your needs in terms of vibration patterns, speed, the strength of pulsations, and additional features. So even if you think you’re the most complicated person in the Universe when it comes to orgasms, you’ll find a vibe that will satisfy you.

That Will Always Satisfy You

The best rabbit vibrator is the one that will give you the best experience. You can pick rabbit-style vibes that offer the most bang for your buck, like the Jack Rabbit vibrator, and try out all the different features to see which of them will take you to the Big O Town.

The Jack Rabbit vibrator has seven patterns or vibration modes, six rhythms, and three speeds, and its ears flicker. This combination of features lets you experience deep, throbbing pulsations that will surely make your night (and sex life) better. 

You can also opt for a luxury rabbit vibrator that offers other features. For example, a body-safe silicone thrusting rabbit vibrator might get you where you want to be quicker than others. On the other hand, vibes like the Fun Factory Miss Bi Rabbit, which has two motors, will offer strong vibrations and more powerful dual stimulation. That might be exactly what you need to experience a blended orgasm.

They Are Easy to Use

Aside from being versatile, the best rabbit vibrators are also easy to use. Sure, a sex toy with many features might sound intimidating. For example, a vibrator that thrusts, rotates, flutters, and vibrates sound like a logistical nightmare to some people. 

In reality, it isn’t. Even the rabbit vibrator, which offers more than seven patterns, ten vibration modes, and several different features, will be easy to figure out and use. A good, rechargeable rabbit vibrator will have only two or three buttons that will allow you to easily click through all vibration combinations and vibration modes. It will also allow you to quickly shuffle through the various features the sex toy offers.

So, there’s no need to be intimidated by the rabbit vibes’ possibilities. 

Both for Solo and Partnered Play

One of the best rabbit vibe features is just how great it is for masturbation if you ask the ladies. However, even though the mighty rabbit was designed with that in mind, it’s also great for partnered play.

The ergonomic shape of the toy (and all the design features) makes for a stunning visual effect. When the toy breaches the vaginal opening, it does so in a titillating way that’s (too many people) beautiful to watch. 

The rabbit’s design is such that the toy offers both internal and external stimulation. Unfortunately, men rarely get the opportunity to see that in action, which is why many men enjoy adding the rabbit to their partnered play. 

Many women report that their partners enjoy using the rabbit vibes on them as much as they do. 

Customizable Pleasure

The best rabbit toy will always be customizable. But, of course, we don’t mean you get to pick and choose which features you’d like. When we say customizable, we suggest that the features and options the toy offers will always be so expansive that you’ll be able to fully customize your rabbit experience. 

From the cheap, $20 pieces to medical-grade silicone luxury ones, every rabbit will offer you at least half a dozen vibration settings and intensity combos. That means you’ll be able to find the ones that work for you and customize your masturbation to fit your wants and needs.

Plenty of Options on the Market

We fully understand if you’re worried that getting a rabbit vibrator won’t be an easy task. The market is full of different vibes. So, if you’re unsure which one to pick for yourself, you’re not the only one. 

However, having plenty of options to choose from is a great thing. It means that you’ll probably find it no matter what you (or other people) are looking for. 

Do you want a USB rechargeable rabbit vibe that thrusts into you? No problem; check out Fun Factory’s selection. Their toys often have dual motors that will blow your mind. Would you maybe prefer a vibe with deep vibrations and a rotating feature? Then the Jack and Jill collection might be a perfect choice! Are you perhaps looking for an elegant, waterproof toy that was designed with luxury and ease of use in mind? Then check out Lelo’s Soraya Wave.

There’s something for everybody. Just take your pick.

Sturdy and Waterproof

Rabbit vibrators are made to last. The best ones are sturdy enough to get through countless orgasms with you (and maybe even a few partners). The toys are also primarily waterproof. Of course, there are rabbit-style sex toys out there that are neither. However, we’d urge you to invest in something that will last you for years.

We all know that masturbation can quickly take a wet and slippery turn. We’re hoping it will take that turn (otherwise, we’re wasting our time). And if we also like having some alone time in the bath or shower, having a waterproof sex toy is a massive benefit.

These two features make the toys easy to maintain. You don’t have to do much to make your rabbit vibrator last long. Just make sure you charge it regularly and wash it before and after each use. If you can’t be bothered with the washing, you can also get a sex toy cleaner and make your life even easier!

A Few Parting Words

Any sex therapist will tell you how important it is to experience sexual satisfaction. Good sex life can help you lower stress, combat anxiety and depression, and be more relaxed. A sex toy such as the rabbit vibrator can be beneficial to you in many ways. The various vibration patterns these toys offer will surely get you to orgasm quickly and easily and maybe even experience some new types of pleasure.

Therefore, if you haven’t already, we urge you to consider getting one or two rabbit vibrators that’ll change your life. You won’t regret it!

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