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Traveling with Your Toys

Travel documents with luggage and toys

In Stephen King’s novel, Gerald’s Game, a couple abscond to a remote location for a private getaway. Their intentions of taking their sex life to new heights are thwarted, when Gerald suffers a fatal heart attack after tying his wife up. If only they had chosen to bring some stimulating …

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“Illegal” Sex Toys Confiscated and Burned in Indonesia

Pile of Sex Toys

The sex toy industry has boomed across the globe during the pandemic as more people stay home and need something to occupy their time and attention. This includes countries where adult products are illegal to purchase or own, like in Indonesia. When Indonesian customs officials find sex toys, they confiscate …

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Artist Shares Dildo Art on Instagram

Dildo Art

Los Angeles-based artist, Jen Stein, 28, creates art using a focus and medium you probably won’t see in a museum anytime soon — dildos. She shares her completed works of art on Instagram as @adultartsandcrafts2, a new Instagram account created after the last one was removed. Stein sometimes creates entire …

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Erect Penis Shown on British TV for the First Time

A couple is surprised while watching TV on their couch

A documentary entitled Me and My Penis premiered on Channel 4 on August 31, marking the first time an aroused penis has been allowed to be shown on broadcast television in the U.K. A total of eight erections are featured in the show. Both cis and trans men speak openly …

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Movie Based on Book Pornology Now Available for Streaming

Movie Based on Book Pornology

Based on the book Pornology, A Nice Girl Like You follows Lucy Neal as she decides to prove an ex-boyfriend wrong. She’s not “pornophobic” and or completely uninterested in sex. But there’s a lot to learn about sex, sex toys, and porn along the way. The movie stars Lucy Hale, …

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