Traveling with Your Toys

Travel documents with luggage and toys

In Stephen King’s novel, Gerald’s Game, a couple abscond to a remote location for a private getaway. Their intentions of taking their sex life to new heights are thwarted, when Gerald suffers a fatal heart attack after tying his wife up. If only they had chosen to bring some stimulating toys instead…

It’s no secret that the right toys can make any experience in the bedroom slightly more exciting, so why not take them with you on a trip to spice up a weekend getaway? Sounds simple, right? Well, if your commute is done via car, train, or bus, you won’t have to worry about anyone else but you and your partner know about what you’re packing and what your intentions might be. On a plane? Not so much. We’ve gathered some tips for traveling with toys in tow…just in time before the holiday rush begins. 

Smaller Toys, Smaller Disturbances 

Sometimes it’s the littlest items that pack the biggest punch. This is something to keep in mind when placing items into your luggage. Larger items might bring about unwanted attention when your suitcase meets the x-ray machine. 

BDSM & Fetish Gear 

The Marquis de Sade once remarked that “sex without pain is akin to food without taste.” While your fondness for being whipped (or being the one who holds the whip) and humiliated might be completely consensual, the security staff at an airport may think otherwise. Whips and riding crops can be classified as “defensive devices” and confiscated. Also, keep in mind that the average airline customer might not have handcuffs and gags in their luggage, so there’s a possibility of questioning. 

Explaining Yourself

What do you tell security when they pull a carefully concealed vibrator or other various items from your luggage? Simple—THE TRUTH. You’re in possession of items used to stimulate your sexual experience, you’re not smuggling hashish across international borders. Chances are, the person examining your bag has seen much more shocking material than the items that help you and your partner achieve the perfect climax. They’ve seen it all, and a simple and truthful explanation is all you need. 

Doing a Little Bit of Late-Night Research 

There might be a restriction on certain items if you’re traveling overseas. Doing some research ahead of time will save you a big headache when you’re entering customs. Don’t think you can be clever and put one over on them—customs agents are trained to find items that are hidden with expertise. 

Whether you’re traveling this holiday season or ringing in the new year at home, your best choice for a toy is Jack and Jill Adult. Our inventory is always growing and sales happen all year round. Don’t get your libido caught in customs, come on over to and find what tickles your fancy.

“Illegal” Sex Toys Confiscated and Burned in Indonesia

Pile of Sex Toys

The sex toy industry has boomed across the globe during the pandemic as more people stay home and need something to occupy their time and attention. This includes countries where adult products are illegal to purchase or own, like in Indonesia. When Indonesian customs officials find sex toys, they confiscate them and destroy them.

Over the past several months, Indonesia has seen a big increase in sex toy seizures according to customs official Dwiyono Widodo. Once confiscated, the products are burned. Recently, in Bandung, the capital of West Java, an Indonesian province, 442 sex toys were burned after a single bust.

Indonesians who order adult products, from toys to magazines and videos, that are confiscated receive a letter from officials that tell them their shipment has been destroyed because it violated the law. But not every order is found. Some slip through and make it to their new home. And clearly, not everyone in Indonesia is aware of the law as there are adult stores located in the country, according to Lian Kie, owner of an adult store in Yogyakarta, located in Central Java.

Many of the sex toys coming into the country are imported from China, which has seen a massive boost in sales since the pandemic began.

Artist Shares Dildo Art on Instagram

Dildo Art

Los Angeles-based artist, Jen Stein, 28, creates art using a focus and medium you probably won’t see in a museum anytime soon — dildos. She shares her completed works of art on Instagram as @adultartsandcrafts2, a new Instagram account created after the last one was removed.

Stein sometimes creates entire scenes around a dildo, like a gnome house made not from a tree but a dong. She also uses her art to send clear messages like reminders to wear a mask. Puns and humor feature heavily in her finished works, even when the message is serious.

In a recent interview in Vice, Stein said, “I started out just wanting to keep things funny, but I think I always wanted people to be more open about their sexuality.” Sex and sexuality isn’t the only thing she’d like to change. In that same interview, Stein mentioned the objectification and sexualization of women’s bodies throughout history. Her dildo art is meant to help tilt the objectification in another direction — toward the peen.

Stein makes a point to explain that her dildos are for artistic purposes only and are not meant to be used. Scroll through her Instagram account, and you may be surprised at how realistic some dildos look and how well some of them fade into the scene she’s created. Just because we don’t typically see dildos in art museums doesn’t mean we shouldn’t (or couldn’t at some point)!

Erect Penis Shown on British TV for the First Time

A couple is surprised while watching TV on their couch

A documentary entitled Me and My Penis premiered on Channel 4 on August 31, marking the first time an aroused penis has been allowed to be shown on broadcast television in the U.K. A total of eight erections are featured in the show.

Both cis and trans men speak openly about their experiences with their penis, not just about arousal but also about fears, injury, and other realities of having a penis. The show is headed by artist Ajamu, who took photos of the men (and their penises) who are part of the documentary.

Technically, “aroused penises” still aren’t allowed on British television, but because of the nature of the program, they were able to work around that rule. It’s not shown for sexual or titillating purposes which helped make it acceptable within the current rules.

From the show description: “Men talk openly about their penis, the realities of sex, masturbation, and erections. They also tell of infertility, violence and sexual abuse, as they question taboos around the penis.” The show is currently available to stream online.

Student Expelled After Tricking People Into Bondage Mummification as “Research”

woman wrapped as mummy

Gilang, a student from Airlangga University in Surabaya, East Java was expelled from the school after allegations went public that multiple people had been tricked into performing bondage mummification. The student told the victims that their activities were part of the research he needed to complete his thesis. 

One couple received instructions to take turns covering each other’s bodies with duct tape, including their mouths and eyes. Then they were told to cover each other in a traditional Javanese cloth, known as a jarik. As part of the process, they were to record themselves and send in the footage to Gilang.

An anonymous victim alleged that Gilang stripped them naked, wrapped them in a cloth, and then assaulted them. Another said they were drugged, their body covered in a blanket, and they were groped. The University took action against Gilang after victims took their stories to Twitter.

Bondage mummification is a form of kink play that involves wrapping the body (often tightly) in a variety of materials. This can be done to play with sensory deprivation, an inability to move, or for other purposes. But as with all forms of kink and BDSM, it must be practiced safely and with full consent — which was clearly lacking in the scenarios described by the victims.

British Man’s Penis Falls Off, Replacement Grown on His Arm

Man looking on his private part with a magnifying glass

Malcolm MacDonald, a 45-year-old mechanic from the UK, lost his penis in 2015 due to a blood infection that began in his perineum. Now, he’s grown a new penis on his arm with help from medical science.

The infection was something MacDonald had dealt with for a long time, but he knew it reached a peak when his appendages, including his penis, began to turn black. According to him, one day his penis “dropped off on the floor” though his testicles remained intact. As expected, MacDonald was devastated by the loss. He became isolated and turned to heavy drinking to cope.

A few years later, he met with David Ralph, a professor from London’s University College Hospital. Dr. Ralph is known for creating a “bionic penis” for a man who was born without a penis. MacDonald was told the process would take at least two years and cost $65,000. He was in and asked if his new penis could be two inches bigger than the original.

Surgeons made his new penis complete with blood vessels and nerves (from his arm) and an artificial urethra. They also constructed two tubes that can be inflated with a hand pump to achieve an erection. The graft has since been removed and the process towards the complete reconstruction of MacDonald’s penis continues, though it has been delayed for many reasons, including the coronavirus.

Man Steals Three-Foot Tall Dildo From Sex Toy Shop

Man holding a dildo

We can all imagine stuffing a small item into a bag or down our pants in an attempt to steal from a store (but never, ever do that!). But how did one man take a three-foot dildo from a Las Vegas sex toy shop? Apparently, by picking it up and walking out with it without a care in the world according to the surveillance footage.

A literal masked man (bonus points for protecting himself and others from COVID-19??) walked into the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas on July 14, 2020, and walked out a short time later with Moby, a three-foot dildo weighing in at 40 pounds. The gigantic dildo was on sale for $1275.00, though valued at around $2000. As of July 21, the dong thief was still at large, though how anyone could miss a guy walking around with a massive schlong is anyone’s guess.

The store has released the surveillance footage and is offering a $2000 reward in hopes of finding the dick with the dick and returning Moby to the store. If returned, it’s assumed the giant phallus will be back up for sale once it’s been thoroughly cleaned, but maybe it needs its own security guard from now on.

Movie Based on Book Pornology Now Available for Streaming

Movie Based on Book Pornology

Based on the book Pornology, A Nice Girl Like You follows Lucy Neal as she decides to prove an ex-boyfriend wrong. She’s not “pornophobic” and or completely uninterested in sex. But there’s a lot to learn about sex, sex toys, and porn along the way.

The movie stars Lucy Hale, as Lucy Neal, and Leonidas Gulaptis as love interest Grant Anderson. Other cast members include Mindy Cohn, Jackie Cruz, Adhir Kalyan, Skye P. Marshall, Stormi Maya, and others.

The movie trailer shows one awkward encounter after another by Lucy, including using erection enlargement cream as a lip balm and helping a friend “properly” stroke a dildo. Yes, this is a romantic comedy with many of the silliness you might expect — but this time, it features sex toy shops, dildos, and a character’s exploration of their sexual desires and sex life.

From IMDB: “Based on the popular memoir by Ayn Carrillo-Gailey, the story follows Lucy Neal, a violinist who is thrown for a loop when she is accused of being too inhibited by her ex-boyfriend. In an effort to prove him wrong, Lucy creates a rather wild to-do list that sends her on a whirlwind and surprising journey of self-discovery, friendship, and new love.”

Debuted July 17, 2020 and is available to stream now.

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