Small Penis Solutions

small penis

So, you are convinced that your penis is smaller than average? We have all sorts of solutions. It does matter if you have a small penis after clinical review from someplace like the Cleveland Clinic, if it’s from a rare condition, hormonal issues like not having enough testosterone, lower sperm count, the pituitary gland, genial abnormalities, scar tissue, erectile dysfunction, a webbed penis, buried penis, flaccid penis or any other inconspicuous penis caused by other disorders that licensed healthcare providers can tell you much more about, as we do not want to talk about normal size or how to get a stretched penis, just real life solutions.

Opinion on Micropenis

While not suggesting that you run to the local healthcare provider to see the treatment options for smaller than average penises, as you don’t need to be medically reviewed by a doctor or pediatric urologist to measure your penile size; men do not need to have an opinion on if they have a micropenis. If you feel insecure, we are here to give you some sex toy treatment options that may or may not have been medically reviewed. That means we do not need to diagnose micropenis, give you a physical examination to determine the pathological micropenis, hormonal abnormalities, growth hormone, potential risks or any other medical term that a scientific world journal would be throwing around about your penis.

No Counseling Required

Sorry if you were looking for advice on hormone treatments like testosterone therapy or cosmetic surgery, as you do not need psychological counseling for genital abnormalities or other health concerns when you can forget about the proper measurement and invest in some new toys to try out for systematic review with your partner. Stop insisting that your penis is the size of a hog leg and worry about heart problems from testosterone treatments. You probably have an average-sized penis and can learn more about sexual function.

Back to Basics

By that, we are not talking about the motion of the pubic bone or how the penis responds. As much as the world is on the kick that everyone needs testosterone treatment, let’s get back to basics. Instead of focusing on penile length and wondering about the average stretched penile length, stop obsessing over what a normal size penis is, the years of penile growth, or whatever hormone treatment; stop considering penis enlargement surgery or your erect penis length.

Starting with Tongue

Instead of worrying if you have an abnormally small penis, focus on giving oral orgasms. You can find many tips with some research online, such as ways to make him melt in your mouth. There are places to learn how to make women orgasm as well.

To increase pleasure, get one of the oral vibrators. That way, you can give the vibration sensation and your tongue techniques to crank up the orgasms. Extra tantalizing goes a long way, especially when oral is concerned, so add a finger or two.

Sure, some cultures are not as big on oral pleasure, and while I get that, if you are worried about pleasing your partner, bite the bullet and try it. Most people want an orgasm; many do not care how they orgasm, as they want to feel good. If you can please your partner through oral stimulation, start flicking the bean or the shaft, and if you’re really against oral, get a toy that is just like the real thing without the touching.

Study in Silence

Bust out some tutorials and learn tricks from others on your own time without knowing. Your partner will notice you with wide eyes and a big smile when your skill level increases. There are also tons of other skills to increase that do not involve penetration with a penis.

Try Hand Techniques

Do you need to strengthen your finger-banging techniques? Do you need to learn how to elevate the hand job to an art form? How about tips on how to orgasm without penetration?

Give a Breastgasm

When trying to please your partner, don’t forget about other erogenous zones, such as breasts. Both men and women have nipple sensitivities, so why not stimulate them? Do you need to research how to give the best breast orgasms, or do you already know?

Try Tantric Techniques

Learn more about energy flow. Study up on Tantra and learn the best Tantric Techniques. Are you good enough to give a full body energy orgasm from using massage and some Tantra?

The Prostate Orgasm

Are you more into men? Do you know how to give a prostate orgasm? Bend over and give the come hither.

On Exploring Anal

Why are so many people scared to discover the orgasms they can have through anal sex? Try pulling out anal beads just as you cum to increase the orgasm, or try a butt plug for a change. If you’re convinced that you have a small penis, up your anal game, as many partners are up for a small penis to try anal for the first time, so learn the spots to hit and how to toss the salad.

Try Different Positions

It’s not a secret that different sexual positions can make a difference in penetration depth. If you have only been doing the standard missionary, spice things up by trying some doggy style. Learn how to grind on the clit effectively while penetrating, too.

Find the Clit

If your partner is female, do yourself a favor, find the clit, love it, and stimulate it always. It doesn’t matter if you are licking it, rubbing it, or using a vibrator on it, as things like vibrating cock rings are great supplements if you fear your penis is not getting deep enough, inviting the clitoral climax to double up with your penetration. Especially if you want to try anal, be sure to have a vibrator on the clit, especially when trying for the first time, as this will help distract from any pain, and be sure to go slow at first, as too fast can result in tearing.

Know the Location

To increase your sexual functioning, make sure the clit is happy, and you know where to find it. The clit is not on the fupa (fat upper pussy area), nor on the inner thigh. Some people dive between the thighs and hope for the best, licking at whatever, but if you want to be effective, learning to lick that clit, flick the bean, or vibrate the man in the boat is best.

Don the Dildo

When you fear that you have a small penis, you can always supplement it with a dildo. If you think you’re not penetrating deep enough or finish early and want to ensure your partner gets off, then bust out the dildo for help. G spot dildos are shaped with a specific design to go straight up to the g-spot. You could also get a rabbit vibrator which has clitoral stimulation, too.

Strap It On

Strap-ons are not just for lesbians. They make penis extenders, so you can put them over your penis to make it longer without surgery, medications, or scarring. Some of them even come with vibrating options, which I would recommend, as it ups the stimulation.

Strapless Strap-On

Sure, ladies can try various strap-on solutions, including a strapless strap-on, one of my favorites. This allows for one lady to insert part inside of her to keep it in, while having a penis-like extension to insert into a partner. Add vibrations to both of these parts, and you get that vibration that stimulates the clit while grinding, as well as the g-spot.

Penis Extender Sleeve

Many people go for the cost-effective and fastest way to reach their goals. Penis extensions are great for wearing to add a few inches and a little girth.

Try Some Bondage

While some think guys with small penises have something to prove, like they need a massive boat or truck, others have been accused of having control issues. If you like to be in control, you might want to consider exploring the world of bondage, especially learning how to stimulate the senses without penetration. A lot of bondage is about the buildup to an orgasm and then waiting to be allowed to have the pleasure of orgasm finally.

Give up control by letting a trusted partner blindfold you or strap you into some cuffs. Bust out the rolling leather table to spin your partner upside down while strapped in, allowing them to spin you enough to make you dizzy if desired. When was the last time you put on a gimp mask to hide your identity and got kinky online?

Why deny yourself pleasure? You can please your partner no matter your penis size. If getting off entails a ball gag, some leather whips, and a sex swing, then so be it; get adventurous.

Regardless of your penis growth rate, you don’t need a penis pump to uncover your buried penis if you stop focusing on your penis size and learn a few new tricks. It doesn’t matter if you have a webbed penis or an inconspicuous penis, as pleasing your partner has more to do with the connection and mutual intent to please each other, as it does with a buried penis. Stop looking at hormone therapy and obsessing about a micropenis or other genital abnormalities, and start connecting with your partner for real with hands-on Tantric massage and more.

Should Size Matter? What to do if Your Partner Has a Small Penis

should penis size matter?

During the many open conversations our culture and society have regarding sexuality, three words get asked without a definitive answer or conclusion–does size matter? Much like the preferences of art, literature, and film, the answer is one that’s completely subjective and will differ greatly depending upon who’s asked the question. We bring this up because addressing the topic is actually quite difficult for some. Despite the recent strides many have made in terms of divorcing themselves from the toxic masculinity that’s been a major part of their upbringing, the underpinnings of the male ego still exist when it comes to the awareness that they might have issues measuring up to the competition. 

Superficiality and the Fragility of Ego 

While the ego and self-esteem of some might whimper or be hindered by not having a member of unusual or above-average size, many are quick to assume that what lies between their legs is the definitive statement as to establish their worthiness of the affection of others. This, of course, is a falsehood that while difficult to overlook from time to time, is easily explained away. 

The prospect that a smaller-sized organ is a basis for an entire relationship is immature, superficial, and so far removed from reality, that it’s essentially a non-issue in the real world. If anything, this is a good example of the unrealistic expectations set by celebrity culture and fictionalized accounts that take place in mainstream pornographic films. While pornography is healthy and can benefit excitement in the bedroom, it’s a reality that’s fabricated and not to be seen as a direct representation of life. 

The bottom line is this–the size of someone’s genitalia is not the be-all-end-all factor in a long-lasting relationship. 

Medical Facts About Penis Size 

The average flaccid penis measures about 3 inches in length and this number is expanded to roughly 5 when erect. This is considered the average across the male population, so even if your partner isn’t the second incarnation of John Holmes or Harry Reams, there’s a good chance that their member is a size that’s acceptable. 

However, there are actual cases that are attributed to those whose members are considered smaller than average. We’ve opted to focus on three in particular that are the most common. 

  • Trapped Penis This occurs after the male penis is circumcised after birth. It’s very important that the genitalia heals properly. When this doesn’t occur, the penis can become trapped beneath the skin, hindering growth. 
  • Webbed Penis This occurs when the scrotal skin gets attached too high to the penis, causing it to look smaller than it actually is. 
  • Buried Penis This is a rare occurrence when there’s an excessive amount of extra skin around the penis. Men who have this affliction have trouble getting aroused, erect, and performing. Luckily, this can be alleviated through cosmetic surgery. 

While we’re on the subject of medical research, it’s important to remember that a larger member doesn’t instantly equate to great sex and orgasm through penetration. As a matter of fact, female orgasm is seldom hindered by size and more by stress. If you’re concerned about the ability to reach a proper climax with your partner, have a line of communication open. But also remember that poor self-esteem can be a major factor in someone’s ability to perform in the bedroom–so talk about the situation tactfully. 

Great Sex When Size is Taken Out of the Equation 

If we go under the assumption that size has no bearing on sexual pleasure, and that a night of passion can be had with someone of less than average size, we’ve amassed some tips from experts that can accentuate the night and make the possibilities for pleasure seem endless. 

  • Just as anxiety can hinder the achievement of female orgasm, the same can be said about the male erection. While your partner might not have an issue with getting hard, it might not be at its fullest potential. Introducing foreplay into the evening might be the extenuating circumstances that are needed for a natural extension. 
  • While the female vagina gets “wet” when it’s properly aroused, many couples tend to favor lubrication for easy entry and penetration. We recommend trying the experience with less lube to accentuate the sensation. For anal penetration, it’s still recommended that you be generous with lube and its application. 
  • Just because your partner might not be a tripod, doesn’t mean he can’t rock your body. One of the ways you can elevate the pleasure during penetration is to utilize the same pelvic muscles that you use when you hold back urine. (This seems gross, we know. But we wanted to get the point across in a way that was instantly understandable.) 
  • Another technique you can try is experimenting with new positions. One of the greatest things about a sexual relationship between two consenting adults is the aspect of breaking new boundaries and attempting to take pleasure and ecstasy to new and exciting thresholds. 

Penis Pumps 

Of course, here in the modern era, there’s always a solution to almost any problem. One way in which some men find relief from their size issues is by the use of a penis pump. This device allows blood to flow to the penis much quicker, allowing an erection that’s a bit larger than usual. Effective, adequate priced, and non-invasive, the device has satisfied customers and even received high praise from the Mayo Clinic as a safe way to treat erectile dysfunction and offer a short-term solution in the bedroom.

The Solutions You Need at Jack and Jill Adult 

At Jack and Jill Adult, we offer products and services for every type of situation in the bedroom. Whether you want to boost your libido or take things to the next level, you can rest assured we have something in stock to help. We offer free shipping on orders over $60 and practice complete discretion. For more information and sultry articles like the one you’ve just read, head on over to

How Can A Penis Pump Help Me With Erectile Dysfunction?

How can penis pumps help with erectile dysfunction?

Penis pumps make penises bigger. But can they help treat erectile dysfunction, and how effective are they?

Has it ever happened to you, our fellow connoisseur of penetrative sex? You tried to have intercourse, only to find that your erectile function is…non-existent? Of course, you might just have an issue getting it up, which could be fixed with some medication. Alternatively, you can try to fix it the fun way — using penis pumps

You may have doubts. After all, how can a plastic tube sex toy with a constriction ring, a hand pump, and a release valve possibly help cure erectile dysfunction? Isn’t there a less intrusive way of dealing with ED? Well, that’s what we’re here to help you find out. 

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of soft willies and vacuum erection sex toys, we need to define our terms. In other words, we need to have a little talk about erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence and ED. Not to be confused with Encyclopedia Dramatica, though that place also has a plethora of penises).

According to the American Urological Association or AUA, ED is the inability to get an erection (or maintain one) for satisfactory sexual intercourse. And though it’s more prevalent in older men, ED can affect anyone’s life.

If you feel isolated or embarrassed because you suffer from this condition, you can breathe a sigh of relief. On average, as the AUA states, at least 20‒30 million American men struggle with ED. So it’s far more common than people think, though that doesn’t make it any less embarrassing or emasculating. 

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

To know the main causes of ED, we first need to understand what causes erections. So buckle up; you’re about to learn what makes a penis hard. 

An erection is just an increase in blood flow in our groin area. When we feel sexual excitement (‘we’ being men here), a muscle within our penis’ blood vessels relaxes, letting more blood run through the penile arteries. As a result, the blood fills two chambers within the penis, making it rigid. Once the muscle contracts again, all of the blood we’ve accumulated flows down the penile veins.

That process seems simple enough, but what causes it to fail? Well, depending on our situation, we can have ED due to one or more of the following conditions:

  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • Blood clots
  • Stress
  • Aging
  • Kidney disease
  • Blood disorders (like sickle cell anemia)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship problems
  • Certain prescription meds
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Drug use
  • Sleep disorders
  • Prostate cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Damage to the pelvic area (e.g., due to an injury or surgery)
  • Peyronie’s disease

Why yes, that is a hefty list of potential causes for ED! And suppose we want to narrow down what causes our member to remain flaccid during sexy time. In that case, we should consult our doctor as soon as possible.

Negative Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

ED will have a profound effect on our sex life. Men who can’t get erections tend to avoid trying to get sex and lose interest in sex altogether in some extreme cases. However, the negative impact of ED on men is far worse than just a lack of hump-time.

Most men who underwent ED treatment often confessed that they felt inadequate because they couldn’t perform. This lack of self-esteem usually leads to anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. Socialization also takes a nosedive. Men tend to shut themselves from their friends and family. Sometimes, they can even act aggressively towards their friends and loved ones. 

The Cleveland Clinic cited the Massachusetts Male Aging Study which conducted research uncovering ED is most prevelant in aging men as 52% experience some ED symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction Statistics [Infographic]

How Can We Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Treating ED the right way has been a major talking point for decades. Fortunately, we have plenty of treatment options available, with some working better than others. But, unfortunately, healthcare professionals will often recommend any of these treatments over using a penis pump, especially since pumps tend to work most of the time. 

So, without further ado, here are some methods by which we can achieve proper penile rehabilitation. 


ED medications are a dime a dozen, and most good ones are FDA-approved and have a proven track record. Most of them are oral medications, including:

If oral meds don’t help, our doctor can always prescribe other treatments, such as testosterone replacement therapy. By getting higher testosterone levels, we increase the likelihood of getting hard during a sexual encounter.

However, meds can be a double-edged sword. People who use blood thinners, for example, risk getting ED since these meds reduce the force of blood flow to their penises. And if we happen to use blood-thinning medication, we can’t exactly stop just because we want to get laid. Moreover, there can be severe side effects in stopping abruptly with regular med use or mixing existing drugs with ED meds. 

Talk Therapy

No, not all health conditions that affect our penis have to be physical. Sometimes, psychological or mental issues can be devastating for us sexually. Therefore, it’s crucial to talk our ED over with a medical expert. 

A licensed therapist will be able to tell us what might be causing us not to get erect. It could be due to childhood trauma, for example, or an unexplored sexual desire that we’re not satisfying. Alternatively, we might be under a lot of stress or suffer from an underlying mental condition that prevents us from getting it up. 

Our current relationship might also have problems that manifest in the form of a limp penis. If that’s the case, we might have to consult a relationship counselor. And yes, we know how difficult it is to talk to your partner about your inability to keep it up, but if it helps you in the long term, get that counseling session. 

What’s more, talking to your partner about the issue more often might help you get back on the proverbial track. 


In terms of treatments for ED, this one is a bit on the painful side. It involves stuffing a long, pointy item into a specific part of your Johnson. That long item can either be a needle or a prefilled urethral applicator. Based on where this item is going in, the injections can either be intracavernosal or intraurethral. 

With intracavernosal injections, you take a syringe, fill it with a particular medication, and then insert the needle into the cavernous bodies of your penis. This action will directly relax the muscles and allow for more blood flow. However, there are some side effects, such as permanent erection (priapism) or corporal tissue scarring. That latter side effect can lead to Peyronie’s disease. 

Intraurethral injections involve penile suppositories that men must insert into their urethra to administer a pellet of ED medication roughly an inch inside. 

The erection that follows can last up to 60 minutes. Still, there are some side effects, such as a burning urethral sensation, penile pain, and excessive redness due to massive blood flow. Sometimes, these suppositories can draw blood, though it’s usually not that much, and it heals fast.

Nowadays, people use gels with a mix of medication instead of suppositories. Unfortunately, however, there haven’t been enough peer-reviewed studies to tell us how effective this gel method is.  


When we mention surgery and ED, most people think of either penis enlargement or inserting penile implants to keep our willy up when we need it the most. And while those are options, we can use, other surgical procedures might benefit people who suffer from ED.

For example, let’s say that you have prostate cancer. One solution is to undergo radiation therapy. A more direct option is to have prostate surgery, specifically radical prostatectomy. 

A surgeon can remove the prostate gland and seminal vesicles from your body using this procedure. There are various methods to do that. Each of them has a solid success rate; however, we should remember that this procedure involves removing a tumor.


Some minor lifestyle changes can also help us maintain a sturdy Johnson. For instance, as girly as they might seem, yoga and aerobics can significantly benefit a man down under. The same goes for kegel exercises for strengthening pelvic floor muscles. In addition, some regular physical activity such as jogging, running, or power-walking can help since it increases the blood flow and promotes movement and activity. 


A healthy diet will benefit in keeping that fella hard and eager. In addition to your regular plant-based meals, you can add some supplementary ingredients like Yohimbe, l-carnitine, l-arginine, ginseng, DHEA, and Shatavari. You’ll also benefit from enriching your food with zinc and horny goat weed (no, that last one is not a joke, and no, we intend to keep the full name as is).


Yes, we all realize that putting needles and other pointy objects in and up our winky is extremely painful and uncomfortable. So we can understand if you’re not sold on acupuncture as a viable ED treatment. 

Few medically reviewed papers concluded that acupuncture can help treat ED as effectively as medication or even exercise. Also, if the acupuncture professional makes a single mistake, we might require surgery for a lot more than ED. 

Penis Pumps 101

As you might have guessed, modern external penile rigidity devices might be a decent way to treat ED. But before you decide to mount one to the base of your penis and adjust the vacuum limiter, you need to know what it is first. Luckily, we are here to help (teaching you what penis pumps are, not mounting anything onto your Johnson).

A penis pump is a vacuum erection device that uses air pressure changes to pump more blood into the penis, making it bigger. A typical penis pump consists of a long tube, a rubber ring that goes around your penis (similar to constriction rings mentioned earlier in the article), and a battery-operated vacuum device that removes air. 

So, to any interested party out there, let’s answer a straightforward question: how exactly do penis pumps work? Should we use a vacuum pump before having sex or a little earlier? Do penis pumps require any special instructions? And no, we will not tire of saying ‘penis pumps’ repeatedly; they are our bread and butter, and we love each and every one of them

In fact, we have more than a few for our shoppers to choose from, including:

Anyway, back to answering that simple question: each penis pump works differently than the others based on its design. The most common method is described in the paragraph below.

How to Use a Penis Pump

  1. Optionally, place a penis ring around the base of the pump. We are going to leave the penis ring there for now.
  2. Apply lube to your penis before placing it into the pump
  3. Insert your penis into the vacuum tube 
  4. Turn the pump on (if electric) or start pumping (if analog).
  5. Pump slowly.
  6. Listen to your body. Stop if you experience discomfort.
  7.  Once you reach an erection, slide the ring from the pump’s base and place it around the bottom of the penis, behind the balls to constrict blood flow.
  8.  Remove the pump.
  9. The penis is now hard.
  10. Remove the ring after 30 minutes. 

How Can a Penis Pump Help Treat ED?

Men who can’t get an erection tend to suffer from severe psychological issues that cut directly into their self-esteem. So, seeing an erection for the first time after so many months (if not years) is what they need. A penis pump can help any man achieve an erection, and a constriction ring can help them maintain one. 

Penis pumps can also significantly improve both a man’s masturbation and his sex life. Some people can’t use them because they don’t feel natural. And really, few women (or men, if you swing that way) are turned on by unnatural-feeling erections. However, suppose we use the pump sparingly and increase the penis size by just the right amount. In that case, it can both look natural and feel amazing for our partner and us. 

Getting an erection once again after so long can also help boost a man’s overall confidence. Men who can’t perform in the bedroom or don’t have sexual satisfaction tend to be less productive and more prone to outbursts of anger. By getting hard regularly, we can feel safe and secure with our bodies, which will, in turn, help us succeed in our everyday lives. 

Other Benefits of Penis Pumps

As enhancement tools, penis pumps provide quick results. Of course, our penis will not stay the same size after the vacuum effect wears off. But it will give enough of a boost to our sexual performance to give us that much-needed release.

In addition, wellness professionals recommend using penis pumps if we suffer from Peyronie’s disease. A pump with an airtight seal can help straighten the penis and reduce pain during intercourse. It’s possibly the least invasive method of treating this condition.

And speaking of invasiveness, if we want to make our penis longer, using a pump is the safest method. Using injections and surgery will get us results. Still, those can be painful, and a botched surgery will have catastrophic consequences. On the other hand, a pump is as safe as it gets.

The Long and Short of Penis Pumps and ED

Penis pumps are effective, easy to use, and even fun if you know what you’re doing. But, of course, we have to stress that safety is our #1 concern. So, make sure that you treat your penis pump the same way you would treat a sexual act. Don’t rush into anything; slide it in carefully, and if it feels painful or uncomfortable, pull it out and rest. 

Oh, and always consult a doctor before giving the pump a try; ED is a significant issue. You need to approach it in the best, safest way that fits you precisely…much like one of our patented penis pumps fits a penis in need of growth. 

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