The Loofah Code

old person in car with loofah code on antenna

We were discussing retirement home sex the other day in the Jack and Jill Adult office, and I got clued into this loofah code.  Whether it started as a myth or not, the popularity of the notion has gained so much credibility that the color of a loofah, whether hanging from a golf cart or on a door knob on a cruise ship, or another community environment, can signify what you’re into as far as a swinging lifestyle. There are all sorts of seemingly innocent signals to subtly send out to others to express your interest in an alternative lifestyle without saying a word.

Learning the Code

That pure innocence of novices and beginners is embodied in a white loofah. That signals more of a vanilla experience level. It also shows you are at least open to it.

The Purple Watchers

Purple notates a voyeur, also known as people who like to watch. They might not want to get all touchy-feely with others for whatever reason. They would rather sit back and enjoy the show in front of them.

Rosy with Interest

Pink is a soft swap for people who like to do it with others in the room. They might not want strangers to touch them, but they don’t mind putting on a show for those voyeur friends to watch. Who doesn’t like to be the center of attention?

Blue to You

Blue is the lowest level of full swap, or those who can play well with others. There might be a little apprehension or lack of experience, but it’s an openness to try more.  It might not be a full bisexual play structure, but someone who does not mind a little extra affection.

Yellow is Cautious

Mid-level swap is yellow for those who want to fool around but are nervous. They might not be into some dirty acts that others get into, but they don’t mind being around them.  They will put on a show or fool around with others, but they still have limits and reservations.

Beware of Black

Black is reserved for those that get down and dirty, full swap. Pretty much anything goes. You never know what to expect with one of these experienced swappers, as they might be able to teach you new tricks.

Double It Up

Teal is Bisexuals, increasing the chance for a date. Girl, guy, whatever in between, they’re into, no judgment, just fun. They may or may not be as kinky as the black loofa crowd, but they’re not as discriminating as some others might be regarding gender interactions.

The Upside-down Pineapple

An upside-down pineapple on the door is a secret sign of swingers, including ones used as door knockers or painted onto the garage door. Even using the pineapple emoji, as well as the unicorn emoji, signals an alternative lifestyle. When you see people sporting attire with pineapples, especially ones turned upside down, give them a telling wink and nod.

Telling Swinger’s Jewelry

Something as innocent as ankle bracelets, toe rings, or thumb rings can be a secret signal to indicate a swinging lifestyle to potential partners, as can wearing black rings on your right hand, so be sure to wear your black ring as a subtle symbol to other swingers. More noticeable is when wearing the vibrator necklace as an underground signification that you’re down.

Simply wearing the combination of black and red can be another telling sign, especially a red ball cap, as can swingers code jewelry, such as wristbands with a specific design like circles intersecting or female signs arranged horizontally to indicate a specific club that helps identify fellow swingers from the same club, available in colors coded similar to the loofah idea, for the not so flashy types like indulgent premiership footballers, inventors of dating apps, the big time sales director or an international male with a tell-tale sign of way too much wealth to spend on whatever might seem to amuse him.

Decorating the Yard

Some cite that white landscaping rocks mean you’re not so innocent and into wife swapping, with a ring of white rocks around the mailbox for secret clues signaling that you’re into a group activity. Accents with pink and purple decorations in the front garden, a big exotic plant like pampas grass, and even the normally innocent garden gnomes and pink flamingos can be a subtle hello to others, a sign of swinger activity. They say having a hot tub is also a sign, but you cannot assume that just because someone has a hot tub, they always are into wife swapping.

When Visiting Granny

So, next time you visit your grandparents at the retirement community, pay attention to what color loofahs you find lying around the hallways that happen to be hanging on people’s doorknobs or off of the antennas from their golf carts. Those old people might be into some kinkier stuff than you would imagine. This is why older people in these communities with physical disabilities often benefit from items like sex machines and sex furniture to help them get off comfortably. It may be mindblowing to picture granny in a sex swing and sling, but it is a reality. As you get older, you only get more jaded, so you have to expand your horizons of sexual things that you’ll consider trying, and before long, you’re an old pro in all kinds of stuff.

Old People Sex

Some of the nurses I have talked to say that old people have the right to have sex just like everybody else. That means if a nurse walks in on two old people going at it, they’re supposed to let them finish. That means that even if one of your grandparents is dead and the other is left in the retirement community, it does not necessarily mean that their genitals are growing cobwebs, as they might be getting more action than you.

A True Story

The topic of this initial conversation was brought about by me, telling a story of how I met my ex’s parents for the first time – well, mom and stepdad, by all fairness. It seemed like a typical southern home, with great hospitality, including homemade food that was phenomenal, and as I was making my plate, the mother asked if I would want to join them in the living room are watching the movie. I’m not sure which movie I was expecting, probably something like Fried Green Tomatoes, but I certainly was not expecting to be biting into my mashed potatoes and have her turn on the middle of a circle-jerk gang-bang porno scene.

Stroke Me, Baby

At that point, the stepfather walks up and starts stroking my hair like I am a dog. The mother keeps telling me that she never thought she would like those types of parties but that I had to go with her at some point to experience it. She said she was a little apprehensive at first, convinced she would not like it; she was the center of attention, being the oldest, as many younger people wanted to know what it was like to be with an old person.

The Closet Gimp

I wish I could say I was making the scenario, but this is just some of the stuff that happened in my real life. That was the first thing that clued me on how kinky some of these older people are, so if you think that Grandma is just crocheting you some booties, you don’t even know what she’s doing with her booty. Chances are, those older people have done everything that you have tried and a lot more, so just when you think that they don’t know what you’re talking about, they’re probably just pulling your chain and acting like they’re innocent while secretly holding the gimp in the closet to bust out for after your visit.

Behind Closed Doors

Remember that you never know what happens behind closed doors with sexual partners of alternative lifestyles. If you want to discover what it’s all about, wear a black ring on your right hand or your wedding ring on your right hand to indicate to many swingers that you are down to be invited to the next swinger party. From pink or purple decorations and pineapple garden décor to wearing a black ring and hanging out at hot tub superstore, there’s a bevy of secret swinger symbols that swingers wear to get the attention of the huge swinger community that they’re into swapping sexual partners, and while you don’t have to have hot tubs and garden gnomes to be into swinging, wearing a black ring is one sign to others.

No matter what a woman wears, if she gives you a very telling wink, black ring or not, you can pick up on her sexual preference. You do not have to wear vibrating underwear, a ring on your right hand, a jeweled butt plug, or do whatever common swinger trait to have fun. If you are open to it, others surely are as well, so never underestimate who’s into alternative lifestyles.

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The Etiquette of Sexting

Sexy woman holding a mobile phone texting about erotic fantasy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several decades, then you’re aware of the process known as “sexting.” In the 90s, not everyone had access to a cell phone, so texting was usually done in the form of naught instant messaging, chat rooms, or even e-mail. Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find an individual who doesn’t have access to a smartphone with camera and app capabilities. In this regard, the game has changed dramatically. It seemed that only a decade ago, our flip phones with their low-res graphics were game-changing implements, but things are quite different in this day and age. The phones we carry can take high-definition video and pictures, allowing us to sext one another and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. 

Advantages in the Modern Age 

As technology exists in a constant state of progression and evolution, it’s only natural that we would seize the opportunity and take advantage of what it has to offer us. When it comes to sexting, there are a remarkable number of advantages that it offers us. While some still prefer the aspect of writing letters and receiving lengthy compositions which extoll the deep adoration and love we have for one another, sexting is slightly more instantaneous than this method. 

In the past, our friends and colleagues might have found a long-distance relationship somewhat difficult and odd. Sexting not only allows more instantaneous communication but allows us to experience the sights of one another even if the two parties live a considerable distance apart from one another. Technology has allowed us to be closer to one another, even though distance can vary slightly. 

Some Things to Remember 

Aside from long-distance relationships, several dating apps have allowed us to meet new people with the click of a button. While there’s the excitement that meeting someone new and seeing what may develop, there are a few things that one should remember before partaking in their sexting adventures. 

  • Don’t rush into sending nudes too quickly. Allow any sexting conversation to grow organically, asking too soon if the other person wants to see your body without being obscured by clothes may come across as desperate and a red flag. 
  • Talk about boundaries. Establish early on what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Having a mutual agreement and consent between parties is one of the most important aspects of sexting. 
  • Be sure that the person is trustworthy. Some people give off red flags that way some people hand out business cards. If something feels amiss or sketchy then it probably is and should be avoided. 
  • Check the recipient before sending any messages or photos. While this seems redundant, picking the wrong name in your list of contacts is an accident that many make on a regular basis. The last thing you want is for your boss to accidentally receive a photo of you in the buff. 

Sexting Etiquette: What to Do 

While you certainly won’t find the rules of sexting engagement in this Post’s Guide to Etiquette, they’re just like any other social interaction that you undertake on a regular basis, there is a substantial amount of what’s acceptable and what causes contention. Because good news should always be first, we’ve gathered up things that you should do that involve sexting. 

  • Develop Trust & Obtain Consent Before any conversation you have that might become lurid and photo exchanges that will be “revealing”, it’s important that you develop trust with the party on the other end and that you obtain consent before any exchange. Don’t just spring something on the fly. (Don’t be that person.)
  • Talk About Turn-Ons and Fantasies Just like any other escapade that sets your passions on fire, you should be open about your fantasies and what turns you on. This will allow the both of you to find a common ground that you can enjoy, or possibly some new worlds you can explore. 
  • Ask Questions and Contribute to the Answers Madonna once remarked that “people never say what they want, so they never get what they want.” This is true when it comes to having the perfect sexting experience. Ask them what they want, ask them what makes them aroused, this will give you an idea of how to steer the conversation. Once you have the answers, contribute as much as possible, it’s a group effort and not a solo one. 
  • Pace Yourselves It’s not a race to get yourself off. It’s supposed to be a gradual pace so both of you can savor each moment that passes. No one likes a quickie. 

What You Shouldn’t Do 

Just like the proper manners you would exercise on a date, there are certain things you should never do via sexting. Just as they’re plenty of things that will make your experience more enjoyable, there are others that will instantly deflate and experience and cross lines that may not be easily mended. 

  • Never Cross Boundaries, Personal or Otherwise When you obtained consent, some boundaries were most likely set by the two of you that you agreed upon. Going outside someone’s boundaries is not just rude, it gives someone every right to break off contact with you. 
  • Don’t Lie About Your Current Location The golden rule of any internet or anything not directly in person is “only believe half of what you hear.” If you’re in a crowded room or on public transportation, don’t lie to the person on the other end and say you’re in the privacy of your own home. You run the risk of having your private life exposed to someone who doesn’t need to know. 
  • Don’t Send Anything Without Consent While you might be an exhibitionist, the person you’re speaking to may not be. Don’t surprise someone with a photo of your neither regions unless you have permission to do so. 
  • Don’t Share Someone Else’s Photos or Messages That Have Been Shared with You What happens during sexting should ALWAYS stay mutually exclusive between the two of you. Even if there’s a falling out, don’t turn something into revenge porn. It’s terrible and vile behavior that should be partaken in. 

Jack & Jill Adult 

Whether your pursuits of pleasure are sexting or in person, Jack and Jill Adult provides anything and everything you need to accentuate the evening. For our store, services, and more steamy articles such as this one, visit

“Illegal” Sex Toys Confiscated and Burned in Indonesia

Pile of Sex Toys

The sex toy industry has boomed across the globe during the pandemic as more people stay home and need something to occupy their time and attention. This includes countries where adult products are illegal to purchase or own, like in Indonesia. When Indonesian customs officials find sex toys, they confiscate them and destroy them.

Over the past several months, Indonesia has seen a big increase in sex toy seizures according to customs official Dwiyono Widodo. Once confiscated, the products are burned. Recently, in Bandung, the capital of West Java, an Indonesian province, 442 sex toys were burned after a single bust.

Indonesians who order adult products, from toys to magazines and videos, that are confiscated receive a letter from officials that tell them their shipment has been destroyed because it violated the law. But not every order is found. Some slip through and make it to their new home. And clearly, not everyone in Indonesia is aware of the law as there are adult stores located in the country, according to Lian Kie, owner of an adult store in Yogyakarta, located in Central Java.

Many of the sex toys coming into the country are imported from China, which has seen a massive boost in sales since the pandemic began.

Artist Shares Dildo Art on Instagram

Dildo Art

Los Angeles-based artist, Jen Stein, 28, creates art using a focus and medium you probably won’t see in a museum anytime soon — dildos. She shares her completed works of art on Instagram as @adultartsandcrafts2, a new Instagram account created after the last one was removed.

Stein sometimes creates entire scenes around a dildo, like a gnome house made not from a tree but a dong. She also uses her art to send clear messages like reminders to wear a mask. Puns and humor feature heavily in her finished works, even when the message is serious.

In a recent interview in Vice, Stein said, “I started out just wanting to keep things funny, but I think I always wanted people to be more open about their sexuality.” Sex and sexuality isn’t the only thing she’d like to change. In that same interview, Stein mentioned the objectification and sexualization of women’s bodies throughout history. Her dildo art is meant to help tilt the objectification in another direction — toward the peen.

Stein makes a point to explain that her dildos are for artistic purposes only and are not meant to be used. Scroll through her Instagram account, and you may be surprised at how realistic some dildos look and how well some of them fade into the scene she’s created. Just because we don’t typically see dildos in art museums doesn’t mean we shouldn’t (or couldn’t at some point)!

Erect Penis Shown on British TV for the First Time

A couple is surprised while watching TV on their couch

A documentary entitled Me and My Penis premiered on Channel 4 on August 31, marking the first time an aroused penis has been allowed to be shown on broadcast television in the U.K. A total of eight erections are featured in the show.

Both cis and trans men speak openly about their experiences with their penis, not just about arousal but also about fears, injury, and other realities of having a penis. The show is headed by artist Ajamu, who took photos of the men (and their penises) who are part of the documentary.

Technically, “aroused penises” still aren’t allowed on British television, but because of the nature of the program, they were able to work around that rule. It’s not shown for sexual or titillating purposes which helped make it acceptable within the current rules.

From the show description: “Men talk openly about their penis, the realities of sex, masturbation, and erections. They also tell of infertility, violence and sexual abuse, as they question taboos around the penis.” The show is currently available to stream online.

British Man’s Penis Falls Off, Replacement Grown on His Arm

Man looking on his private part with a magnifying glass

Malcolm MacDonald, a 45-year-old mechanic from the UK, lost his penis in 2015 due to a blood infection that began in his perineum. Now, he’s grown a new penis on his arm with help from medical science.

The infection was something MacDonald had dealt with for a long time, but he knew it reached a peak when his appendages, including his penis, began to turn black. According to him, one day his penis “dropped off on the floor” though his testicles remained intact. As expected, MacDonald was devastated by the loss. He became isolated and turned to heavy drinking to cope.

A few years later, he met with David Ralph, a professor from London’s University College Hospital. Dr. Ralph is known for creating a “bionic penis” for a man who was born without a penis. MacDonald was told the process would take at least two years and cost $65,000. He was in and asked if his new penis could be two inches bigger than the original.

Surgeons made his new penis complete with blood vessels and nerves (from his arm) and an artificial urethra. They also constructed two tubes that can be inflated with a hand pump to achieve an erection. The graft has since been removed and the process towards the complete reconstruction of MacDonald’s penis continues, though it has been delayed for many reasons, including the coronavirus.

Man Steals Three-Foot Tall Dildo From Sex Toy Shop

Man holding a dildo

We can all imagine stuffing a small item into a bag or down our pants in an attempt to steal from a store (but never, ever do that!). But how did one man take a three-foot dildo from a Las Vegas sex toy shop? Apparently, by picking it up and walking out with it without a care in the world according to the surveillance footage.

A literal masked man (bonus points for protecting himself and others from COVID-19??) walked into the Deja Vu Love Boutique in Las Vegas on July 14, 2020, and walked out a short time later with Moby, a three-foot dildo weighing in at 40 pounds. The gigantic dildo was on sale for $1275.00, though valued at around $2000. As of July 21, the dong thief was still at large, though how anyone could miss a guy walking around with a massive schlong is anyone’s guess.

The store has released the surveillance footage and is offering a $2000 reward in hopes of finding the dick with the dick and returning Moby to the store. If returned, it’s assumed the giant phallus will be back up for sale once it’s been thoroughly cleaned, but maybe it needs its own security guard from now on.

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